Jenny Lind Beds

One of my mommy friends, was in the process of getting big girl beds for her daughters. She asked me if I could find her a pair of Jenny Lind beds for their room. Honestly, I've seen the style before but didn't know their proper name. As I researched the style on the internet, the search results came back with the price tag for one single Jenny Lind bed. I was like wazaa!

I knew then that I was on a mission for my friend. I started strong in my research, however as the weeks passed by, my faith wavered as I started to doubt if I was ever going to find this type of bed; let alone an identical pair.  This dilemma led to many restless nights.  However, I didn't give up and then one day on Facebook-Marketspace there it was… a pair of vintage Jenny Lind beds.
On the website’s photograph, the beds looked like they were in decent shape.  According to the listing, they had its original railings.  They were also priced reasonably well.  So, with my hope fully restored I didn't hesitate as I eagerly contacted the seller and asked if they were still available.  They were! I promptly arranged a date and time to see them and potentially buy them.  The seller was so kind that he marked the item as sold even though in reality he was only holding them.  On the day I actually viewed the beds I was impressed as they were in great shape.  All they needed were some new bolts and some loving.



My friend wanted the Jenny Lind beds done in a pure white. However, before I could paint, I needed to properly prepare these precious artifacts thoroughly. I cleaned them, filled in any cracks and holes and sanded them down.

The supplies I used were:
1. BEHR Marquee Satin Ultra Pure White -
2. 14 in 1 Painter’s Tool -
3. Plastic Wood Natural Filler -
4. Safer Paint Thinner -
5. Painter’s Touch 2X White Primer Zinsser -
6. Polycrylic Protective Finish Water Based, Satin -
7. Sanding Paper 150 -
8. Sanding Paper 220 -
9. Orbital Sander -
10. Rotary Tool -
11. Leg Floor Protectors
12. High Volume Low Pressure Gravity Feed Spray Gun (HVLP) -
13. Air Compressor -

Note: I am not associated with any of the sellers of the products I used for this project nor receive any sort of compensation.

I first sanded the railings. They were filled with rust and the corrosion had compromised the shape of the railings. I had to sand them down. I used an orbital sander for the large flat areas and for the corners I used a rotary tool. For both sanders, I used a 150-grit sand paper. I spray-painted them in white.

I then started the Jenny Lind frames. I did an initial inspection and for some reason the feet were missing the leg protectors. It seems somebody had forced them out and while doing it, created a fine line crack. I filled them in with some natural wood filler. I also had to fill in several little holes done by the prior owner. I did this to each and every frame. I waited about 24 hours and sanded them down. I used a 150-grit sand paper. I used the orbital machine for the large flat areas but I sanded each spindle by hand. Time consuming? Yes, but in my experience is if you want a beautiful end product you will HAVE to do this. I finished them using a 220-grit sand paper.


I then started the paint process. I wanted the beds to have a professional look to them. I used a HVLP to spray on the oil-based primer. In order to use the HVLP with an oil-based primer I had to use a paint thinner so that primer can come out though the paint gun. If you have never painted with Pure White paint on wood let me tell you something - it doesn’t matter if the paint says they have primer in them - use an oil paint primer first. Why? Because wood tends to bleed when you start painting. Oil-based primers are the only thing that I know that can stop that. Yes, you can paint something white without using oil-based primer and have an initial pure white look but with time the wood stain will come out and the white paint will become dingy. I didn’t want that happening to my friend’s beds.

I waited about two days for the primer to cure. I then spray-painted the frames in a pure white by BEHR Marquee. They are beautiful. The beds look new! I waited a few hours before I did my last step. In order to preserve and protect the paint, I sprayed the frames with about three coats of polycrylic. I am in love with them. What do you think?

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