How to Make Plaster of Paris

How to Make Plaster of Paris



Measuring cup

Mixing bowl

Mixing stick



Safety glasses

Warm water 

Plaster of Paris


Put on your safety glasses, respirator and gloves. Plaster of Paris is non-toxic but if  use it regularly, prolonged and repeated exposure to the dust of the plaster, can result in lung disease and/or lung cancer. It said that under normal conditions, you are very unlikely to suffer any harm from using it. So let’s just be on the safe side. 


The golden rule to make plaster of Paris is 2:1. Let’s get this straight, the ratio should be 2 parts powder to 1 part water. If you measured out 1 cup of water, then you would need 2 cups Plaster of Paris powder. 


Take your bowl and put in one cup of water. Take the 2 cups of Plaster of Paris and start adding it to the water in the bowl by sprinkling or sifting the powder over the water. Mix it with the mixing stick. The consistency should be not to thick but it also shouldn’t be watery. Once done, use it quickly, it starts to dry fast. 

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